• 1994 - Company Established

    Promo Italia was established in Italy in 1994 as a printing company that specialised in thermographic and serigraphic printing procedures. The company grew organically establishing trusted partners throughout Italy.

  • 2005 - Eurocredit Born

    The company introduced a full white labelled loyalty rewards system known as the Eurocredit System. Eurocredit is the digital currency that is used to give rewards to returning customers, these Eurocredits are then used as part or whole payment when paying for goods and services. The company provided the full loyalty rewards system including the Epos system, a software used to log transactions and reward customers. Businesses were also able to brand the loyalty cards.

  • 2009 - Eurocredit Success

    Having a trusting and well established client base the Eurocredit system is a huge success and with very little marketing and no major online presence the Eurocredit system already has hundreds of businesses throughout Italy using it with thousands of returning customers. The company evaluates adapting the primary focus of the company from printing to the loyalty rewards program.

  • 2010 - Multibuy Born

    The primary focus of the company is moved to supplying the white labelled loyalty rewards system known as ‘The Eurocredit System’ to businesses. In order to be part of the loyalty rewards program businesses agree to always offer customers that participate on the loyalty rewards system the best deals available and give them rewards that can then be used as part or whole payment on products/services offered.

  • 2016 - Multibuy Expands

    All assets and trading offices move to Malta to comply with the legal requirements attached to taking its loyalty rewards program from a National trading company to an international trading company. www.multibuycompany.com was created. Multibuy now has over 2100 partners and over 1 million registered users with over 202,000 steady customers which are regularly using Eurocredits.

  • 2017 - Multibuy Travel

    Multibuy officially launches its online platform under www.multibuytravel.eu Designed to allow customers to book holidays with participating tourist destinations paying for Holidays up to 100% in Eurocredit (Based on a 1 Eurocredit = 1 Euro basis). This provided a way for customers to be able to easily find which travel destinations are participating in the Eurocredit Rewards system.

  • 2017 - Advertisement Platform

    In preparation for taking Multibuy global the group takes a large independent sales and marketing group under its wing. The advertising platform are put in charge of putting together a global sales team for both offline and online marketing.

  • 2017 - Multibuy App

    The Multibuy App is available on Apple and Android. Within the Multibuy App, the customers receive updates and flash sales for travel offers. App users can use the ecommerce platform within the App. The users Eurocredit Wallet and balance is accessible within the App. The GPS locator is in development which will allow users to find their nearest retailer, this is scheduled to be released in the next App update.

  • 2018 - Eurocredit Plus Going Global

    “Eurocredit Plus” is going online and is added to the online platform www.multibuycompany.com  – After allot of hard work Multibuy is ready to launch its Rewards system globally and creates  “Eurocredit Plus”. Eurocredit Plus has the same function as Eurocredit and will be changed to the MB8Coin after launching the MB8Coin officially.

  • 2018 - Multibuy “eWallet”

    Multibuy is deploying a new international eWallet working in 102 countries with corresponding banks. The eWallet can hold 14 currencies and multiple cryptocurrencies. The eWallet also features a prepaid card, a digital credit card and the ability to pay your bills and transfer money to any global bank account.